Frequently Asked Questions


What postal services do you use?

We work with the Albanian post to send the order to the required destination.

Do you ship abroad?

Not yet, but we will do it soon.

How many days does my package arrive?

Depending on the distance it can last from 1-3 days inside Albania and 7-14 days abroad.


What are the payment methods at

We offer payment method via easypay and cash when the order is delivered to you.

Is Online Shopping Safe?

Very safe. We are a registered company, we work with licensed providers and the site is secure with SSL certificate.

Order & Return

How to order??

Order online through the website, choose the product you want, the quantity and fill in the form with your details by choosing the payment method.

How do I cancel my order?

An order can be canceled with your request submitted before shipping the product. The request to cancel an order is sent to: [email protected]
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