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  • easy pay-online payment Albania          Easypay- is an Albanian online payment provider

Easypay- is an Albanian online payment provider

In the payment methods on the page, select the Easypay button. If you have an account log in with your details and make the payment. See if you have an Easypay account balance, or top it up with your card or bank. Proceed with the purchase by following the steps on your computer screen or mobile phone via the Easypay app. At the end of the payment you will receive a confirmation from with the details of your order and the value of other details for transport.

If you are not able to pay online, you can use code payment. When you select this payment method, a code associated with your order and the corresponding amount is generated on your phone. Present this code at one of the nearest Easypay points throughout Albania and pay in cash there by receiving a warrant / certificate. As soon as the Easypay agent confirms that the payment has been made, we send you a confirmation e-mail and prepare the product packaging to bring it to the address you provided when you placed the order on the website

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    Cash – we also accept cash payments upon arrival of the order

    At the moment that the order will be delivered to you from, you can pay in cash the price set in All.

  •  By bank transfer

This way applies to everyone, wherever you are. During the purchase process, if you choose this way, you will be shown two bank accounts, one in Euro and the other in Lek. Both accounts are BKT and are registered in the name of Manderina shpk. So any payment deposited in this account is safe and you have the right to withdraw it if we do not fulfill the terms and promises we give you.


NIPT: M21421033R

Bank Name: Banka Kombetare Tregtare

Account Number (LEK) 402008610
IBAN: AL3520511021009557CLPRCLALLZ
BIC/Swift code: NCBAALTX

Account Number (Euro)
IBAN: AL5120511021009557CLPRCFEURQ
BIC/Swift code: NCBAALTX

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